“For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.  I Corinthians 3:9

Bill Zechmann


Bill Zechmann was born in the small rural area of Foster, Nebraska. At the age of eighteen Bill committed his life to Christ and felt Gods call to teaching. The verses from James 3:1-2 stood out to Bill: “Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.” (NASU) Taking this to heart, Bill spent decades studying the doctrines of the different Christian denominations in order to help him understand and teach the Bible more effectively. B.A degrees in Biblical Studies and Human Resources’ Management also aided him in his research.

Bill’s teachings have been molded through many of the experiences he has had throughout his own life. Bill and his wife were foster parents of thirteen children. They tried for many years to have their own children and had various complications before their eldest son was born. Overcoming adversity became their source of strength. Despite the many health problems and the loss of their second-born child, together Bill and Jane persevered and grew as Christians. Unable to have any more children they adopted a sibling family of three from the Nebraska Children’s Home. Regardless of the hardships they have had to face, Bill and Jane maintain that their lives continue to be strengthened by Christ’s love.

Principles for Living was founded by Bill in 2010. While serving as a missionary in the Philippines, Kenya, and Liberia, Bill has ministered to crowds of 5,000 people and has seen hundreds come forward to receive Christ. At home in the United States, Bill conducts personal growth seminars and evangelistic crusades. His teachings are focused on helping the lost find Christ and seek a positive change in their lives.

Bill and his wife, Jane, have four children and five grandchildren. They currently reside in Norfolk, Nebraska and work together growing the Principles for Living ministry and their businesses. Bill has published two books; Swimming Upstream and Defining Your Character. Bill has also published 36 booklets dealing with individual subjects. Bill professes that his greatest joy in life comes from helping others find the love of Christ in their lives. The goal of his teachings is to help others find freedom from the clutches of sin.

David Martinez


Director of Ministries

David Martinez was born in Mexico. David is the Hispanic Pastor for Northen Heights Baptist Church  in Norfolk, NE and is also a church planter for the Kansas Nebraska Convention. David and Perla welcomed a baby girl named Laurel to their family on August 22nd 2016. He and his wife Perla with their child Isaac moved to Norfolk, Nebraska in 2013. Since that time David has been volunteering with this ministry. In 2013 he started the translation for Principles for Living, 1 minute radio programs. In 2014 Principios para Vivir, a Spanish version was launched. David has also put together a 3-year Bible training for pastors in Liberia and Kenya in 2015.

Benjamin Escoto

Project Manager

Benjamin Escoto was born in central Mexico and got a degree in Mechanical Industrial Engineering. After working several years in the automotive Industry he attended and graduated from a Bible Institute and planted and pastored a church in Mexico City for 15 years. He moved with Lauren his wife and their three children to Norfolk in December 2015 where he became a church planter and became part of the Principles for Living team.

Bryce Zechmann

Webmaster and Graphic Design

Bryce was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska. He is the youngest of 4 children having one brother and two sisters. Bryce works in graphic design and website structure and development.  He is our source for public presentation design.

Jane Zechmann


Jane is a loving wife to a very busy husband and an inspirational mother to four amazing children.

She works side-by-side with Bill and doubles as both Treasurer and Receptionist.

Pam Walton


Pam was born in Osmond, Nebraska and was raised in the small rural area of Foster, Nebraska, she is also a sister to Bill Zechmann. She has three wonderful children and five granddaughters. She has many years of experience in accounting and clerical work, and hopes to bring that experience to Principles for Living.

Paty Candelario

Booklet Designer

Paty Candelario was born on the Island of Cuba and became a Christian early in her childhood. She served there as Director for “Full Life” a national teaching ministry. She moved to the United States in March of 2015 and became part of Principles for Living team in August of 2016, they move to Florida but still helping us with designs.

Brandon Schaffer

Technical Support

Brandon was born and raised in Norfolk, Nebraska, is married to Darci and is the proud father of three children, with Ahriah being their newest edition to the family. Throughout his life, Brandon has always had an interest in technology.

After spending 4 years learning programming and networking, he graduated with a degree in PC Support/Networking and worked as an internet service provider technician for two years.

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