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Bill Zechmann has prepared these books and audio CDs to encourage and teach you in your walk with Christ.

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Thank you so much for the booklets you sent. I received several and shared them around my cell. A lot of the guys enjoyed “Can Others Make You Angry?” the Christians as well as the non-believers. Today, I am committed to Christ and He gets the first fruits of my time, talent and treasure. I stay busy working on several Bible studies and help disciple others here. Thank you for holding the mirror of Scripture up to my heart and helping me to reflect it.

- PFL ListenerKit Carson Correctional Center

Bill Zechmann

Author William Zechmann, in his book “Swimming Upstream: Principles for Living”, urges his readers to reevaluate how they are living their lives. From topics like parenting and relationships to an overall attitude toward life, Zechmann discusses it all. He encourages readers to think of others when making decisions rather than focusing simply on themselves. His honesty and transparency are both touching and inspirational and will leave readers wanting to take action.

With a focus on ridding life of pride and the importance of a positive outlook (even if it does not come naturally), Zechmann takes his readers through life’s various situations and provides instruction and guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable point of view.

Whether you are a successful businessman that needs a better outlook or someone needing to give yourself a second chance, “Swimming Upstream” is for you.


Bill Zechmann

I remember a time in my life when I realized that some of what I had been taught was not correct. The bread I had been presented was laced with poison. When I finally realized that some of what I was being taught was a lie, I became disillusioned. I felt like I would have to start all over again. I didn’t know what to believe. But I did start over. I worked my way through the deception I had experienced.

There are many people who have eaten from what they were told was the bread of life, only to discover that what they had been given was the bread of spiritual death. The toxic teachings of some church leaders have caused many to turn away from Christianity all together. If you’ve been tempted to throw out the whole basket because of one bad loaf, rest assured that William Zechmann knows just how you feel. However, he also knows that there is truth, and it will nourish you in ways that you’ve never experienced before. In this inspiring book, Zechmann shows readers how to find the truth. As you begin Defining your Character, you will discover the sustaining, fulfilling truth of God’s word.

Bill Zechmann and Beto Silva

I’m coming Home

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Bill Zechmann
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