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Principles for Living is a nonprofit organization, designed as an outreach ministry for teaching God’s principles to the world. 

Officially launched in March 2011, we hit the ground running with a local Christian radio station playing our program in a tri-state area. Our radio broadcasts are one-minute spots designed to help people see the truths about God and gain a deeper understanding of His Word. 

As a Gospel oriented ministry, we believe God’s Word will truly change the lives of many and lead people to salvation. In the Gospel of Mark, Christ said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Together, we can fulfill Christ’s command. We would like to be an extension of your arm and the carriers of His Word for you around the world.


Principles for Living is a daily one-minute radio program that helps Christians grow in knowledge and faith, to strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ. Host Bill Zechmann, author and founder of Principles For Living ministries, uses a mix of practical advice and scripture to give your listeners truth for today, tomorrow, and forever.

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Daily (M-F)
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